Wheelchair Curling

Who can Play?

  • You may enjoy curling using a wheelchair if you have a physical limitation that prevents you from being on the ice safely and comfortably while using a throwing  stick from a standing position or a slide delivery.
  • You can curl for fun or competitively.  Canada has some of the best wheelchair curlers in the world.
  • There are wheelchair leagues or you can curl in leagues and bonspiels with your friends and family. 

What’s it all about?

  • Wheelchair curling is an adaptation of curling for athletes with a disability. It is actually very similar to Able-bodied curling. The rules are close to the same but do have differences. Wheelchair curling is played with the same rocks and on the same ice as regular curling, though the rocks are delivered from a stationary wheelchair and there is no brushing. Rocks may be delivered by hand while leaning over the side of the wheelchair, or pushed by a delivery stick.
  • For more information and to view videos head to curling.ca.
  • Download our  TryCurlingWheelchair brochure and flyer.

How do you get started?

Don’t see your club listed here?  Accessibility is changing constantly with clubs doing renovations, etc…  Contact Sean at sturriff@ontcurl.com and we will get your club added to the list.

In addition to physical accessibility – the following is a list of programs with specific contacts who can get a new wheelchair participant started in the game, provide some instruction.  There are active wheelchair curlers in most of these locations.

Competitive Wheelchair Curling

The Ontario Curling Council is committed to creating more opportunities for wheelchair athletes to compete. 

Provincial and National Competitions:

Wheelchair development camps and clinics will be hosted as funding opportunities exist.  Efforts will be made to provide coaching support to talent identified teams/athletes to increase the number of Ontario athletes competing within Curling Canada’s National Team Program.

Information for Wheelchair Coaches

  • Coaches working with Wheelchair athletes who intend to compete will require Competition Coach Certification.
  • Coaches working with Wheelchair athletes at the club level are recommended to be Club Coach Trained.
  • Want to learn more about coaching Wheelchair Curling?  Check out the World Curling Federation’s FREE Introduction to Wheelchair Curling E-learning course.

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