OCC Webinar Series – New Year – New Topics for Coaches and Curlers – Register Now!

The Ontario Curling Council and its members the Northern Ontario Curling Association and Curl ON are pleased to announce several more Webinars to educate both curlers and coaches about a variety of  topics. Registration for all webinars will close 24 hours before to allow for time for organizers to communicate log-in information.  Registration is limited to 50 for each event. Topic:  Advanced Strategy Date:  January 12, 2016 at 9:15 pm EST *Note the change in time. In this presentation, our presenter, Ryan

Mixed Doubles Strategy Webinar with John Epping

Want to learn more about mixed doubles?  What’s a power play?  When do you use it?  How do you defend against it? What’s the difference between traditional fours curling and mixed doubles strategy?  All this and much more to be discussed in a one hour webinar, hosted by the Ontario Curling Council with special guest speaker John Epping! John Epping is currently fifth on the CTRS, and is ranked number one on the Canadian Mixed Doubles Ranking System.

Curling Coach application for Android devices

Back in December 2011 I posted an article that briefly described three iPhone applications for curling, including Jeff Rogers’ Curling Strategy Tool which is an application I use regularly. To my knowledge a scoring/strategy tool like Jeff’s isn’t available for Java Blackberry devices, and a full-featured application hasn’t been available for the Android platform either – until now. Marc Bernard, a coach at Wilfrid Laurier University, has developed a

Performance Benchmarks

It’s November here on Canada’s Left Coast, actually I suspect given today’s date it’s November everywhere (what a grasp of the obvious) but whereas golfers around the country likely have packed it in for the 2012 golf season, hackers here on Vancouver Island only get out the “rain shoes” as play continues through the winter. Why the reference to golf? I can interview golfers as they come off the 18th green and by asking one question about their round, I

Strategy & Tactics 101

There is no area of our sport which has caused more discussions (usually involving salt & pepper shakers and/or drinking glasses on table tops following games) than “strategy & tactics”, although I dare say most of the discussions would have been described as only “strategy” discussions. I rarely hear the word “tactics” so let’s deal with that first. Strategy is/are your plan(s) whereas tactics are the actual shots you’re going to play to execute the plan(s). Knowing that, through participant observation

The strategy/tactics answer – asking the right questions

No single thing inspires more debate in curling lounges all across this land than STRATEGY! We know that games are won – and lost – on our good and not-so-good decisions. We also know that execution and tactics play a significant role in all strategy on the frozen sheet. But how often do we stop and ask ourselves if are we asking the right questions when it comes to our strategic maneuvers? We know from High Performance camps and