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Competitive Data v. Statistics

For those readers who own a copy of “A Pane in the Glass: A Coach’s Companion”, you’ll know there’s an article in the manual about this topic. I’m unlikely to say much new here but I do want to reprise this topic for those who have not yet made the purchase (and in turn supporting “The Sandra Schmirler Foundation”). To say I’m not fond of “statistics” is like saying a fish would rather not travel on a bicycle. Statistics, when gathered

This Will Surprise You!

Those who know me, also know I’m not a great fan of statistics (don’t even get me started) but there is a statistic that always surprises people, curling people, when I ask the question, “When a team blanks an end for the sole purpose of scoring a multiple end the next time they score, what are the chances (in percentage form) they will be successful?” Answers cover a very wide range and certainly it will depend upon your competitive environment to some