Ryder Cup

Life Imitates Sports

In my last post of a few days ago (“The 2012 Ryder Cup: A Look Back“) I made the point that one’s “attitude” going into a competitive event is absolutely critical, so much so that the final outcome frequently, very frequently, depends upon it. The Europeans simply had a better attitude about Sunday’s singles matches than did the Americans. For those of you who have followed my writings, you will know that I rarely, when talking abut why some teams perform

The 2012 Ryder Cup: A Look Back

Wow! Going into this recent Ryder Cup Matches I felt the Europeans would retain Samuel Ryder’s talisman but not in the way it unfolded. Even though the result was what I anticipated, it happened in inverse fashion. As we know, after the first two days of pairs play (two rounds of foursomes and two of four-ball) it was the American side, not the European dozen that were up in points, 10-6. Many felt as play concluded on Saturday with the