Pre-game meeting

Now What Do We Do?

My inbox recently has received several messages from curlers whose teams have qualified in playdowns to move forward to regional, provincial/territorial and in one case, national competition asking for assistance as they prepare. It is the subject of today’s post, “Now What Do We Do?”. Interestingly enough, answering commonly asked questions on-line was how my writing career got started. What follows are suggestions from my experience preparing teams for that next level of competition, whatever it might be. DON’T BE AFRAID

Pre-Game Meeting

Athletes, coaches and discerning spectators know that what goes on behind the scenes plays a huge role in what occurs on the playing surface. Hours upon hours of directed practice make what athletes and teams do seem so easy. Well, it’s not easy and only rehearsal under the direction of a knowledgeable coach can make it appear so. I’ll deal with but one facet of that preparation in this post, the pre-game meeting. Step one, have one! I’m still blown away by the