Olympic Games

The new found fitness in curling

“Is curling a sport?” How many curlers have heard that before? And if you’re not a curler, how many times have you questioned if curling is a sport or not? Well I’m here to tell you that yes it is a sport, and yes we are athletes. It wasn’t too long ago when it was normal for a curler to have a beer in hand and have a cigarette between ends while playing a game. However, times have changed and so

Double Bronze

Who would have thought that of all the sports to create what I have come to see as a wonderful idea, boxing seems to be enlightened at these Olympic games. I’m referring to the practice of awarding “two” bronze medals to the athletes who lose the semi-final bouts. After all, the winners of the semi-final have medal in their back pocket. The only reason for the final bout is to determine its colour. When I first heard/saw this practice in action,

Muscle Memory

One of the best things about “A Pane in the Glass: A Coach’s Companion” is the articles by colleagues who have taken me up on my invitation to include their thoughts on all things pertinent to curling at the highest level (which easily transpose to many other sports and activities). One of my best friends in the “college of curling coaches” hails from the only province that has curling as its official sport. That would be Saskatchewan! My guest author

Cash For Medals

It was a very long time coming but Canada, along with nine other countries* now pays its athletes for podium finishes. It wasn’t without controversy as you might expect. I guess it was the puritanical thought that all Olympians would strive for excellence with excellence symbolized by that gold medal as its own reward. Sounds great but consider this. An athlete that trains full time for his/her sport will in all likely have to forego any time of full time