Leah Will

Curling Specific Fitness | Leg Power and Drive

If you watch curling at the elite level today, it is not uncommon that you see double runbacks and peels as a staple to most teams. But how do they generate that big weight successfully and consistently you may ask? Power and control, thats how. Being a female who is only 5’3 and around 118 pounds, it can take a lot of strength to generate enough power in my delivery to make those big weight shots. So where does that

The new found fitness in curling

“Is curling a sport?” How many curlers have heard that before? And if you’re not a curler, how many times have you questioned if curling is a sport or not? Well I’m here to tell you that yes it is a sport, and yes we are athletes. It wasn’t too long ago when it was normal for a curler to have a beer in hand and have a cigarette between ends while playing a game. However, times have changed and so