Had it! Lost It! How Do I Get It Back?

In most, if not all sports, there’s a “critical skill/element” that can’t be bottled up, stored, and taken off the shelf when needed. We hear about a gifted pitcher who, for reasons unknown, even though he’s applying the same mechanics as always, steps to the pitcher’s mound and his pitches don’t move the way they should. Great pitchers don’t jump off tall buildings when it occurs. Or the elite basketball player whose free throw shooting percentage is in the high

Don’t Even Try To Hit It Straight

I don’t feel you have to be a golfer to appreciate how incredibly talented the professionals (and some amateurs) you see play on TV are. And, should you ever have the inclination or invitation to actually attend a professional tournament, don’t even hesitate. Go! It’s the best live spectator sport, especially if you attend one of the practice rounds as the players generally don’t mind a quick chat as they walk from green to next tee and the taking of

But How Much Do You Actually Trust It?

I’ll be boarding an aircraft here in Victoria, BC bound for Fredericton, NB tomorrow (04.09.13). When those wheels touch down in that provincial capital, I’ll meet 10 Canadian athletes with much curling experience who will represent Canada at the World Senior Curling Championships. One of them is the most recent inductee into The Canadian Curling Hall of Fame: Cathy King. In fact, in my tenure as Team Leader and Coach for Canadian National Senior Champions, I’ve had the honour of

Pampered Ice

No you would not! You might “think” you’d like to play on “championship ice” but as a recreational curler, even though you could strike it from your “bucket list”, I can just about guarantee that your performance will be less than satisfying. Championship ice (aka “pampered ice”) may be cold & damp just like the ice in your curling facility but that’s where the two surfaces part company. The two buildings are vastly different (does your curling facility seat 15000 spectators?),

The Paint Can & the Screw Driver

In our consumer society, we seem to have a tool for most everything! Tools are very specialized. I’m a wood turner, just an amateur, but I love working on my lathe. I can’t believe the array of turning tools I’ve accumulated over the years! In the early years of my wood turning addiction, I used one “scraper” to produce most of the projects I turned out (sorry ’bout that) with varying degrees of success until I found out that it’s

I Had It, Lost it, Gotta Find It Again!

We’ve all been there! We had draw weight in our back pocket (or wherever you keep valuable possessions) but lost it and have to get it back a.s.a.p.! What to do, what to do? Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is, you DID have it so it’s attainable. The bad news is of course, it’s gone but hopefully for only a brief period so let’s see what we can do to get it back. First, if