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Life Imitates Sports

In my last post of a few days ago (“The 2012 Ryder Cup: A Look Back“) I made the point that one’s “attitude” going into a competitive event is absolutely critical, so much so that the final outcome frequently, very frequently, depends upon it. The Europeans simply had a better attitude about Sunday’s singles matches than did the Americans. For those of you who have followed my writings, you will know that I rarely, when talking abut why some teams perform

The 2012 Ryder Cup: A Look Back

Wow! Going into this recent Ryder Cup Matches I felt the Europeans would retain Samuel Ryder’s talisman but not in the way it unfolded. Even though the result was what I anticipated, it happened in inverse fashion. As we know, after the first two days of pairs play (two rounds of foursomes and two of four-ball) it was the American side, not the European dozen that were up in points, 10-6. Many felt as play concluded on Saturday with the

“The Score Takes Care of Itself”

My “summer read” aboard my boat, “Indigo Pacific” was called, “The Score Takes Care of Itself“. It’s something of a biography of the late Bill Walsh, the highly successful coach of the San Francisco 49er’s from 1979-1989. Part of it is autobiographical and part biographical with contributions from Bill’s son and colleagues. Clearly the title of the book attracted me as it’s what I believe and has been so much a part of my coaching philosophy. Those who have read my articles