Next Generation Program


Congratulations to the teams accepted into the 2021/22 program


The Ontario Curling Council is optimistic that the Covid-19 Pandemic will allow for a full “Return to Play” in September of 2021.  As a result, we are pleased to open intake to our Next Gen Program for the 2021-2022 Season, in an effort to support teams in their pursuit of curling excellence.

The Ontario Curling Council wishes to recognize the continued support of our stakeholders to this program and others:  The Government of Ontario, Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, Curling Canada, CurlON and Northern Ontario Curling Association.


Next Gen Announcement


Program Scope

The Ontario Curling Council will support ten (10) teams through its Next Gen Program.

The Ontario Curling Council (OCC) and its membership, CurlON and the Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA) are committed to the growth and development of competitive athletes with the intent of putting Ontario and Northern Ontario athletes on national and international podiums for years to come.

The OCC is also working closely with Curling Canada and the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) to identify athletes who are specifically tracking towards potential Olympic podium performances in the next 2-3 quadrennials. The OCC will work in concert with Curling Canada to develop athletes and feed Curling Canada’s National Next Gen Program.

Already recognized as a National Best Practice, the OCC is continually reflecting on programming to ensure a best in class system.  Feedback is considered from:

  • Curling Canada’s High Performance Plan
  • Survey results obtained from this year’s High Performance Survey
  • General survey results obtained during Strategic Planning Initiatives
  • Feedback from our membership (CurlON and NOCA)
  • Performance/Engagement of teams within the program
  • Feedback and input from our funding partners (Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, Curling Canada, Membership).

 The Ontario Curling Council High Performance Team is responsible for developing team selection criteria.  When developed, the OCC (Board of Directors) approves the criteria.  The Operations team then applies the criteria for team selection.

*Members of the High Performance Team:

  • Jennifer Ferris, Manager – Programs and Operations, Ontario Curling Council (Ex-officio)
  • Heather Houston, Ontario Curling Council – Board Representative (Ex-officio)
  • Andrea Ronnebeck, Ontario Curling Council, Education Manager – North – Staff representative
  • Sean Turriff, Education Manager – South – Staff representative 
  • Ryan Lafraniere (Sudbury, ON)
  • Sherry Middaugh (Victoria Harbour, ON)



Question: Can our team apply to two categories if we qualify?

Ans:  Yes but a team will only be awarded a single Next Gen spot.  A single team cannot be awarded Next Gen funding in two different categories.


Question:  Some players on my team are coming to Ontario for school but their home is in another province.  Can our team still apply?

Ans:  Eligibility rules follow the CurlON / NOCA eligibility rules.  If an athlete is a full time student (not virtual) in Ontario and living here then they are eligible for the Next Gen program.


Question: What does GMP and Performance Results Tracking refer to?  

Ans: These terms come up in the Team Assessment.  GMP refers to Gold Medal Profile and is an internal term used by sports organizations.  We’re using this to label the items we want teams to assess.  The items to assess are listed in the form.  Performance Results Tracking should be considered a comparison to a team’s peers.  For example for a U21 team – the ultimate team to compare to would be world champion followed by Canadian Champion, etc… 


Question: My team has a few coaches working with us.  When outlining the coach development plan who does this refer to?

Ans:  Please outline the development plan for the coach who will generally be managing the team on a day to day basis.  


Additional questions should be forwarded to Jennifer Ferris – and we’ll make sure we include the answers here as well.