The Locker – Managing Your Coaching Records (NCCP)

As a Canadian coach, your education profile is held in a central database, known as “The Locker”.  The Locker is maintained by the Coaches Association of Canada.  Before you can begin to have coaching education recorded however you need to build a profile that will result in you being assigned a National Coaching Certification Program Number (NCCP #).  Training you receive in any sport and in every context is recorded against your unique NCCP number.  Each individual will have a single unique NCCP number.

Certified coaches are required to maintain their certification through the accumulation of professional development training.  Points are awarded for those training events if you require them through your certification and those records are also housed within The Locker.  In order to take any NCCP module, whether it is general or sport specific, you will need an NCCP#.  

Getting experience in navigating The Locker is important for all Canadian coaches.  Coaches who do not yet have an NCCP number should start by creating one.

Locker – Create an NCCP

If you believe you already have an NCCP number but cannot recall it, you can look it up.

Locker – Lookup Your NCCP

Once you have your login details, coaches should login to The Locker.

Locker – Logging In

Once you are logged in, there are a number of different tasks  you can accomplish within your record.  First off you can view your record.

Locker – View Record

You can also check the status of your certification with respect to the required PD points you require.  You can also self report PD activities for yourself.

Locker – Maintenance of Certification

Another important feature within The Locker is access to eLearning modules that the Coaches Association of Canada offers.  When completed, those modules automatically update to your NCCP record.

Locker – Access Elearning

Coaches are encouraged to get familiar with how The Locker works and what other features and options are available within it.  There are multiple resources within the Coaches Association of Canada site to provide help if you get stuck.  In addition, you can contact Sean Turriff ( with any questions.