Hosting Workshops


The Ontario Curling Council is working to schedule workshops for the upcoming season.  All local guidelines will be followed and all social distancing measures will be in place.  Clubs undertake NO RISK by scheduling a workshop.  IF your club decides you no longer are comfortable or able to host after scheduling a workshop, the OCC will cancel.

Education is the key to the continuing evolution of the sport of Curling. The future success of our sport is directly dependent on continuous development in all aspects of the game.  This includes not only player development but coaching education, facility operation education and even education for officials. 

Development through education is a key mandate of the Ontario Curling Council on behalf of our member associations, CurlON and NOCA and we need your help.  Delivery of these programs requires facilities around the province and so we rely on our member association clubs to be our hosts.

The Ontario Curling Council delivers the following workshops:

Club Coach Youth

Club Coach

Competition Coach

Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

Adult Learn to Curl (ALTC)

Facilitator Assistant Operator

Level 1 Ice Technician

Level 2 Ice Technician

Level 1 Officials

What’s required from the club?

Different workshops require different resources but the following is a rough guide for workshops.

All workshops require a “classroom” space for participants and the amount of room you have, along with ice availability, will determine how many participants each workshop can accommodate.  Tables for participants to work at are required.  Table for 4 to 8 participants work well.  Learning Facilitators will have presentation material that needs to be projected to participants.  Televisions with an HDMI connection work extremely well but a blank wall space where a projector can display will also work well.  

Ice time is also required for the coaching and ice tech workshops.  Coaching workshops typically rotate sessions on and off the ice during the course of the days.  The ice is used for demonstrating instruction and to provide “hands on” teaching to participants.  Ideally we like to have a sheet of ice for every 4 participants however this is flexible.  Ice does not have to be continually prepared as there will be no game play on it.

Ice tech workshops will need access to the plant equipment as well.

Sample Agenda

Below are sample agendas for Competition Coach and Club Coach Youth Workshops.  These agendas have some flexibility and can be modified somewhat to accommodate club functions.  The off ice meeting space should be exclusive to the workshop however. 


Agenda Competition Coach

What’s in it for you, the Club?

The biggest benefit for clubs to host an OCC workshop is the opportunity to give their members easy access to education.  Having locally trained coaches yields huge benefits when it comes to attracting new members.  Having trained Ice Technicians gives clubs an expanded knowledge base around their key product, ice!  Engagement is a powerful way to retain club members and education is a fantastic way to keep your members engaged.

Clubs that host workshops are also eligible to receive a hosting fee.  Conditions apply.

For more information on hosting a workshop, please contact:

Andrea Ronnebeck