Safe Sport Program for Competitions

Provincial curling partners, CurlON, Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA)  and Ontario Curling Council (OCC), are working diligently to implement Safe Sport Principles into its operations and events.
For the 2022-2023 Season, all internal personnel (Board, Staff, Coaches, Officials, Contractors) will be required to participate in the OCC/CurlON/NOCA Safe Sport Program – through education, active screening and personal accountability we are hoping to maintain and improve the culture at curling environments and make it a welcoming and safe environment for all to play.
In addition to internal personnel, all athletes and Team Coaches competing in events that lead to a National Championship will be required to complete the Safe Sport for Competition Program – this may include – Code of Conduct acknowledgement, Rowan’s Law Requirements, and Safe Sport Education for athletes, and a few additional checks and balances regarding screening and coach qualifications for Coaches.  Many of these activities are already being done, we are simply putting them all in one place.  The entire program should only take 60-90 minutes.  These same activities will be mandatory for teams advancing to all national championships.  
NOCA and CurlON will be relying on the Ontario Curling Council to administer this program on behalf of the province.  The OCC has opted into the use of an online system to help administer this Program – Sideline Learning.  This is a roles based system and you may be assigned different training activities based on the “role” you play in the sport – ex. Coaches and Officials may have more to do than athletes.  You may have more than one role in the system.
To gain access to Safe Sport Program for Competitions please follow the instructions below:
1)  Go to the LOGIN page
2)  Click on the Register link.
3)  When in the system, go to the PROFILE page – update your profile and select the role(s) you play in the sport, click update requirement at the bottom of the page.
4)  Go to the Requirements page – read the description, access the linked resources and click the “Update Requirement” button to complete the requirement – often simply a date field, a text field, a dropdown, or a file upload.  Click upload requirement at the bottom of each page.
5)  You will see green checkmarks populate the Requirements page as you complete each item.  Some items need Administrator approval and once approved  a green checkmark will appear.
6)  The system will send automatic reminders in the future for requirements that need to be updated (ie annual Rowan’s Law Training, or every three years Safe Sport Training).
For Detailed instructions on how to navigate Sideline Learning – download the Safe Sport for Competitions Program Instruction booklet.
Criminal Record Checks for Coaches, Board Members, Volunteers
– Detailed instructions are included on how to access a Criminal Record Check for competitions within Sideline Learning.  However, some coaches, board members or volunteers within a club may require a Criminal Record Check.  A subsidized rate of $25.00 + tax has been secured through (Sterling Backcheck).  You will be able to share your results directly with NOCA or CurlON.  The service can be accessed through this LINK.
If you need assistance with the program or to help gain access to the system/NCCP account, please reach out to Jennifer Ferris, Manager of Programs and Operations – or 289-527-0352.