Training and fitness

Top 8 Reasons Why You & Your Team Need to TRAIN for Curling

The first few are obvious, but #4 is not what you would expect! In the past, many curlers were not concerned about being fit. Today, however, fitness conditioning has come to the forefront as recreational and competitive curlers alike strive to enhance their play and reduce the risk of common injuries. Curlers everywhere are discovering that curling-specific training can help them improve their power, flexibility and strength, translating to better performance on the ice. Growing up playing on the Ontario

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Urban Poling

In my pursuit of finding affordable, fun, outdoor activities that provide multiple health benefits I recently came across Urban Poling. Not only do you feel like you are flying (see Urban Poling –My Story) but the benefits of adding poles to your walks affect all aspects of your overall health. In comparison to regular walking, urban poling: Provides a 25% increase in cardiovascular activity. Since you are using more muscles as you walk,

Biomotor ability development as it relates to curling

As is the case in all sports, numerous factors must be taken into consideration if an athlete’s potential is to be fully realized. Specific fitness related elements need to be developed at the appropriate chronological and developmental ages. The timelines for the introduction of these biomotor components is well understood since the development of the two key systems in the body that need to be considered are both well defined in related literature. The nervous system is about