Training and fitness

The simplest way to train for strength and endurance

New to the gym life? Looking for a simple way to find progress with your lifting? Need an easy program to follow to stay on track this summer? Try this 8-12 rep scheme! I’m most definitely not the first one to use this program before, so I take zero credit. Regardless of where it originated, the simplicity of it makes it popular regardless of your level of experience with training. Here’s how it works: Choose an exercise Choose a weight and aim to be able to comfortably,

Version 3.0 The Ultimate Off-Season Training Webinar Series is BACK & better than ever.

Enter the curling club in 2022 with confidence, throw your first rocks with less chance of pain, and sweep each rock post-to-post to the button for the win. The problem is curlers worldwide don’t know the how, why and what behind training specifically for improving their performance on the curling ice. The goal is to provide education along side a DIY program so that you and your team can take ownership of your physical performance over the next few months. From the

The Empowered Performance for Young Women in Curling Project

Welcome! The Empowered Performance for Young Women in Curling project is designed to inform, educate and inspire action in girls and young women across Canada, in an effort to keep females involved in curling longer. Thanks to Curling Canada for their support on this project. I have created a follow-along program containing appropriate information for youth curlers, especially young women, to learn more about themselves, and how their body needs to be able to move to be the best curler. In

Your Holiday Curling Reset

Don’t worry about the time off from curling. Here’s what to do. You don’t get stronger while working out, nor while practicing or competing. You get stronger when you give your body time to adapt to the stressors that you apply to it; whether in the gym or on the ice. If you play in a weekly league, a week or two off from curling will give your mind and body a chance to recover from the many games and practices since

Return to Curling with Confidence

There are so many things we cannot control as we head back on to the ice. Don’t let your body slow you down. The below is for you even if you haven’t been able to stay active over the past few months. I want to make sure your first few slides, games and the rest of the season is spent enjoying time with your curling family playing this game we all love. #1. Check out the 3-part series on the Empowered

Back to Curling Kickstarter Program

“Curlers who experience less pain and more strength & fitness, are able to play and practice more, perform better, & enjoy their time on the ice longer” ~Stephanie Thompson, R.Kin, Empowered Performance Who is the Kickstarter for? For those that realized the curling season is only a few weeks away and are in need a toolbox of resources to help them move better, breath better and improve their on-ice performance. Are you worried about remembering how to curl? If you’ll be able to sweep