A goal without a plan is just a dream

The words that you shall read in this article concern strategy. Although I wish as many to read my words as possible, I want to save some of you the time you might otherwise spend on this web site. If you shoot less than 50%, or more than 90%, continue surfing. If you are in the former group, strategy is not your problem. Your time would be better spent with a qualified instructor. On the other hand, for the few,

Last Rock Disadvantage

No, it’s not a misprint. You read it correctly. The title of this post is indeed, “Last Rock Disadvantage”. When the four rock rule was adopted by the curling world, it really was uncharted territory. Sure, in Canada we had a three rock rule but the four rock version dramatically changed the game from both  participants’ and well as spectators’ perspectives! Spectators loved it and still do although, and this may be tantamount to heresy, when the truly elite teams play one another, you can

What Do I Do With My Lead Stones?

It’s the last end and you have control of the game, in fact “definite control” but it’s never over ’til it’s over and you don’t have last rock. What are your possible opening moves with your lead’s two shots? This is another “table top and salt shaker” dilemma. Do I ask my lead to throw his/her stones through the house or do I strategically place one or both somewhere in the house? Let’s examine both theories starting with throwing them

Turning Two Into Three

I had several club curlers contact me regarding my recent post entitled, “It’s How You Finish” (02/12/13). Many wanted to know if I had more advice re. strategy & tactics about which curlers in their competitive environment might not be aware. This is another one of those. You have last stone advantage and through an early-in-the-end missed shot by your opponent, you find yourself with a stone, at the side of the sheet (let’s say nicely biting the inside of the

It’s How You Finish

There’s a game-ending scenario that’s relatively common. I don’t often weigh into actual strategies and tactics in this forum but I feel this one is worth airing and once again, I welcome your comments. Here’s the situation. The game is tied or your team is down by one, it’s the last end of the game, you don’t have last stone advantage (been there many times as I suspect have you) therefore a steal is on the order paper. You have placed

The Canadian Open in the Rear View Mirror

The second of this season’s Grand Slam events is now history and congratulations to both Team Howard and Jacobs, both from “the centre of the universe (ON)”. I watched as many games as Sportsnet broadcast, which of course was not all draws and this event caused me to reflect on both the positive and negative side of the ledger. I’m sure most viewers would agree that the “rookie” in the booth, Richard Hart, did an excellent job considering it was his first