Mental Preparation

The Ultimate Offseason Training Webinar Series 2021

Enter the curling club in 2021 with confidence, throw your first rocks with less chance of pain, and sweep each rock post-to-post regardless of the one- or two-sweeper rule. The problem is curlers worldwide don’t know the how, why and what behind training specifically for improving their performance on the curling ice. The goal is to provide education along side a DIY program so that you and your team can take ownership of your physical performance over the next few months. From

The Empowered Performance for Curlers Podcast

It’s happening!!!! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you! I’ve been working on a little project for awhile now, and we are unofficially LAUNCHED. You can now listen to my podcast on Spotify. Standby for other major platforms. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer on Spotify here, on IG here, and on YouTube here. I want to thank Calissa Daly for her work on the artwork, and

Cool-Downs; Your Warm-up for Recovery

Read on to discover what you might be missing when it comes to adapting to your training … You’ve heard it before: You don’t get stronger during your training session or your practice session. You get stronger while you rest. But WHY? How does it work? & What can you do to maximize it? Let’s start with what we are trying to accomplish when we commit to a focused training program: We are looking to be able to do more work, more complicated work, faster work and stronger

No Curling? No Problem!

Hey curling fam! There are a lot of emotions surrounding our respective curling seasons. Some of you have access to ice, and some of you don’t. Regardless, it seems like everyone’s “Normal” curling season has been shifted and we have all the feels; disappointment, anger, frustration, fear, regret, you name it. As a perpetual optimist I can’t help but find the silver lining in literally everything. I like to give myself the time and space to feel those feels of course, but instead of

You’ve got to pick one; open or closed

Glenn Paulley said it best “sweeping is what makes curling an Olympic sport, but it is the most under-coached aspect of the game”. Sadly my own curling has been put on hold this year, but that means I’ve had way more time to watch a lot of curling, and am grateful to get to work with a bunch of athletes in the Better Brushing Strength Study as we pick apart what’s working & what’s not in their… Source Stephanie Thompson

What is the *best* Mask to Wear for Curling?

You’ve asked, & now I’ve (finally) answered; “What is the best mask to wear for curling?”. I am not a doctor, but here is what I have learned from a lot of smart people. What we don’t know: A crap-tonne, don’t get me started. Let’s pay attention instead to what we do know: Masks + 2m physical distance is the best way to keep us safe from contracting and sharing COVID. Keeping a small social circle* helps make contact tracing easy, and decreases the risks for you