Curling Coach application for Android devices

Back in December 2011 I posted an article that briefly described three iPhone applications for curling, including Jeff Rogers’ Curling Strategy Tool which is an application I use regularly. To my knowledge a scoring/strategy tool like Jeff’s isn’t available for Java Blackberry devices, and a full-featured application hasn’t been available for the Android platform either – until now. Marc Bernard, a coach at Wilfrid Laurier University, has developed a

The Latest On Why Curling Stones Curl

May 13, 2013 — Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden can now reveal the mechanism behind the curved path of a curling stone. The discovery by the researchers, who usually study friction and wear in industrial and technical applications, is now published in the scientific journal Wear.In the curling sport, the players shoot their stones along the ice so that they slowly slide towards the target area, almost 30 m away. The game has its name from the slightly curved “curled” path

Applying toe-dip to a curling shoe

During a curling delivery the trailing (hack) leg can produce such significant drag that it can impact the ability of the curler to achieve an optimal window of velocity during the slide, and hence can impact both the speed and accuracy of the curling stone. Consequently many curling shoes arrive from the manufacturer (Asham, Balance Plus) with a toe coating on the hack shoe, made from a tough, hard resin that has a much

iPhone applications for coaches

In 2011, November and December have been active months for the distribution of iPhone applications related to curling. In this article I want to highlight three of them: the Curling Strategy Board, the CurlingZone mobile application, and the application from the Canadian Curling Association. All of these are available on the iPhone and iPad platforms and can be purchased through Apple’s iTunes on Apple’s AppStore. The Curling Strategy Tool On December 20, Jeff Rogers of ROG made available Version 3.0 of