Draw Process Drills

The crowd is hushed, no one willing to take a breath for fear of missing the shot to win the World Championship. Only one brave soul is willing to take that breath because they have prepared for this moment. Shot after shot, following the process that would lead to success. They have prepared for this one opportunity. They have divorced themselves from the outcome. They know how to win! Quietly, the thrower embarks on their pre-shot routine: set the

Blocked, Distributed and Random Practice as it Relates to Skill Acquisition in Curling

An age-old question in sport is what practice structure yields the best results in relation to effective skill acquisition. This article will define three different practice structures that are referred to as Blocked, Distributed and Random. The answer to this question is critical to all coaches, as they need to structure practices appropriately by selecting technical development drills that are appropriate given the biomotor capabilities of the athletes they are working with, as well as considering such mitigating factors as

My favourite team drill

“Pickup Sticks”, a drill described in Bill Tschirhart’s Drills to Die For, has become my all-time favourite team drill and in this article I’d like to share some of the reasons why. I was introduced to “Pickup Sticks” by Bill personally at the 2010 Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp, where Bill was one of the instructors for the weekend. Since then I’ve used the drill with my bantam, junior, University, and Little