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Stephanie has a degree in Kinesiology and Education, is a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP, and a Certified Urban Poling Instructor. As a personal trainer, Stephanie works with a wide range of clients from Junior aged curlers, to your average desk jockey. She spends her spare time training and competing on the World Curling Tour. You can contact Stephanie via her Facebook Page: Personal Training with Stephanie Thompson, or email:

Am I Doing my Pre-Game Warmup Right? A Guide for Curlers

The next time you are at the curling club about to play a game, look around, and you will see that each competitor has their own routine (whether they know it or not) that they follow to prepare themselves before action. You are going to witness a range of people from those who show up just in time, to those found swinging their legs and arms, lunging, or even throwing a ball between players (you know, for hand eye coordination). The common

Curling Fitness: My 4 Favourite Exercises for Powerful Sweeping

Ever wonder how hardcore competitive curlers train for their sport? Have you thought, “If I tried to sweep like that, I’d face plant!?” Or, “I could never be as strong as them”? You are not alone with these thoughts, but sweeping with strength shouldn’t belong to the elite or youth. A balanced training plan that includes some strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training can help improve your overall fitness, and have a positive affect on your curling game (see 

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My updated Top 10 Health Benefits of Urban Poling article was featured on Check it out here. Happy Poling, Stephanie Stephanie Thompson is a former student-athlete at Western University and is a certified Kinesiologist who plays on the WCT Women's tour. ┬áThis article, Featured on! was originally published on June 8, 2015 11:38 am on her blog, Empowered Performance, and is re-published here with permission.

Top 8 Reasons Why You & Your Team Need to TRAIN for Curling

The first few are obvious, but #4 is not what you would expect! In the past, many curlers were not concerned about being fit. Today, however, fitness conditioning has come to the forefront as recreational and competitive curlers alike strive to enhance their play and reduce the risk of common injuries. Curlers everywhere are discovering that curling-specific training can help them improve their power, flexibility and strength, translating to better performance on the ice. Growing up playing on the Ontario

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Urban Poling

In my pursuit of finding affordable, fun, outdoor activities that provide multiple health benefits I recently came across Urban Poling. Not only do you feel like you are flying (see Urban Poling –My Story) but the benefits of adding poles to your walks affect all aspects of your overall health. In comparison to regular walking, urban poling: Provides a 25% increase in cardiovascular activity. Since you are using more muscles as you walk,