Stephanie Thompson

About Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie has a degree in Kinesiology and Education, is a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP, and a Certified Urban Poling Instructor. As a personal trainer, Stephanie works with a wide range of clients from Junior aged curlers, to your average desk jockey. She spends her spare time training and competing on the World Curling Tour. You can contact Stephanie via her Facebook Page: Personal Training with Stephanie Thompson, or email:

The Recovery Trifecta

Think of the recovery trifecta as a puzzle with “three” pieces. Every morning you start with the puzzle in pieces, & then you spend parts of your day putting the puzzle together. At the end of the day you should have your recovery puzzle completed! A common mistake is to focus on one or two of the above components, leaving one to the back burner —& yourself wondering why you can’t seem to… Source Stephanie Thompson is a former student-athlete

Watch & Learn: 5 Steps to Consciously Watch Curling

Game analysis is important in any athletic endeavour. There is much to learn from amateurs and professionals: what to do, what not to do, how to communicate and how to strategize. When you have the opportunity to analyze different parts of the game of curling (while watching on TV, or in person), it’s best to go in with a set intention, and a few specific things to watch out for. This worksheet is designed as a template to help you bring

Q&A: Fitness and Curling

Welcome to my monthly Q/A for all things curling and fitness. I get a few frequently asked questions, and I hope I can begin to compile a list to get some more information out there. This months article includes: “Are there any ‘must have’s’ for curlers in their workout routine?” “What’s a way you can get your arm muscles up to help sweeping” “Do you do the same workouts during the off season and during the curling season” “How can I be as awesome as

Sweeping Off-Ice: How to make and use your own dryland sweeping pad

So you’re doing all the right things and have invested some time, energy and resources into training for this upcoming season. You’ve been running, doing some yoga or stretching, lifting weights and focusing on interval training. Congrats! But, have you considered making your physical training even more curling specific? Apart from washing your own floors or painting your driveway, have you done much in the way of sweeping? …“But Steph, I don’t have access to ice in the winter” …”I don’t know what to use

Fitness Advice for Competitive & League Curlers

This is a 4 part series where I will discuss topics including warm up, cool downs, practice efficiency and maintaining strength during a busy competitive season. You can find the series on TSL Curling as well.   Part 1: Warm-Up Essentials for Every Curler The following are some tips to help get everyone of all ages and abilities ready for a practice or a game A proper DYNAMIC WARM-UP can: Increase the blood flow throughout your body to deliver oxygen and fuel to

Closet Meditator

– In Out – Up Down – Rise Fall – I have officially completed 365 days of mindful meditation. Previously I was an emergency meditator; only practicing when I felt I really needed it. A loss at the end of last year, a few complicated situations, and being sidelined with a back injury forced me to take a step back and make “not doing” a priority.  I set an intention January 1st 2015 to #meditateeverydamnday and today I’m coming out of the meditation closet. I am a dedicated meditator. It’s given me so