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About Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie has a degree in Kinesiology and Education, is a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP, and a Certified Urban Poling Instructor. As a personal trainer, Stephanie works with a wide range of clients from Junior aged curlers, to your average desk jockey. She spends her spare time training and competing on the World Curling Tour. You can contact Stephanie via her Facebook Page: Personal Training with Stephanie Thompson, or email:

Don’t Make These 2 Off-Season Mistakes Ever Again

I want to save you time. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Give this bad boy a read. Mistake #1: I trained for the sake of training, without a plan and without a focus. Solution #1: Reverse engineer your goals & plan out your off-season training Why? Specific goals require focused training. Make sure that the effort you are putting in is doing what you want. Reverse engineer your goals, and set a plan that will help get you from point A to

Listen to my interview with Rocks Across the Pond, the Curling Podcast

Big thanks to Ryan and Jonathan from Rocks Across the Pond for having me on their podcast last week. I talk nerdy, and I talk fast. All about training specifically for curling. We’ve been gifted with an extra month or 2 in our off-season, and we dive into some of the big and some of the small ways you can take advantage of the extra time. Listen to the interview on your favourite podcast ap (spotify, google play), or direct Link here Thank you

Analyze, Assess, Accomplish

Are you frustrated with not hitting the broom consistently? Do you struggle with balance on the ice? Do you wish you could have more weight control, or be able to generate more accurate hit weight? How long have you been struggling? What have you done to improve your performance? If you’re one of those people who show up to the rink game after game, draw after draw, season after season… Source Stephanie Thompson is a former student-athlete at Western University

How to Video your own Curling Delivery to Optimize your Performance?

Have you ever ask yourself any of the following questions, and not known the answer? Why do I always drift to the left when I slide? How come my release doesn’t seem to go right at the broom? Why can’t I generate hit weight? My ankle hurts while I throw, what’s going on? Or worse, you know why you are struggling, but how to fix it is driving you bananas. If your coach or teammate… Source Stephanie Thompson is a

Navigating Holiday Eating

Holiday season is in full swing for most of us. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Mid-Winter Festival, the full moon, or nothing at all; I hope the final few days of 2019 are filled with safe fun, friends &…good FOOD! Food is the centre piece of most gatherings. Heck, I even eat food in the car on the way to an event (ha! You know you’ve done it too, don’. Source Stephanie Thompson is a former student-athlete at Western

Bonspiel Nutrition Toolbox

When you are trying to eat for health, wellness and performance it can be so hard to follow a routine while on the road or at a competition. The struggles being that you are subject to the location, timing & various other specifics of an event. Some tournaments have meals provided, a kitchen with just a few options, or you need to go out for your food. Some times you have time to go out and… Source Stephanie Thompson is