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About Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie has a degree in Kinesiology and Education, is a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP, and a Certified Urban Poling Instructor. As a personal trainer, Stephanie works with a wide range of clients from Junior aged curlers, to your average desk jockey. She spends her spare time training and competing on the World Curling Tour. You can contact Stephanie via her Facebook Page: Personal Training with Stephanie Thompson, or email:

2023 Webinars & Workshops

Enter the curling club in 2024 with confidence, throw your first rocks with less chance of pain, and sweep each rock post-to-post to the button for the win. [embedded content] The problem is curlers worldwide don’t know the how, why and what behind training specifically for improving their performance on the curling ice. Quick links: 1. 2023 Offseason Training Menu 2. Free Performance Gap Analysis Worksheet 3. Registration now open for the World Curling Academy Virtual Fitness Workshops 4. Join the Empowered Performance Newsletter to get

2023 Offseason Menu

The most wonderful time of the year I’ve been getting loads of eager messages asking about webinars, classes and programs for you and your team and I am PUMPED to be able to share with you my 2023 Offseason Menu where you will find information on all the ways we can work together over the coming months. There are opportunities for everyone. Email if you have any questions, need help picking a program, or wish I offered something that you

Time to Rest & Recharge

Holiday Survival Guide -Helpful Tips & Visualization Activity Worried about time off the ice during the holidays? (jump to signing up for the free holiday reset here) Here’s what to do instead: You don’t get stronger while working out, while practicing and while competing. You get stronger when you give your body time to adapt to the stressors that you put it under; whether in the gym or on the ice. Competitive curler? For those on the competitive circuit, regardless of what competition you have

3 Brushing Intervals for You & Your Team

I’m super pumped about this little project. I hope you share it with your team and get good use out of it for years to come. There are a few struggles I’ve come across when trying to do brushing intervals; both dry land and on-ice: Finding an interval timer that lines up with the work:rest ratios I’m looking for Trying to visualize brushing and the demands of the different types of sweep down the ice Keeping the interval in an easy-to-find space And I think

FREE Curling Warmup and Delivery/Brushing Tips for All Curlers

“The beginning & end of both a game & a curling season are the most common time for injuries to occur” With a little bit of preparation before the season, and before each game you have the opportunity to lower this risk. This document is going to provide you with some resources to help you over the next few weeks heading into your season starts, to help make getting into the hack, sliding on the ice, and brushing your rocks more comfortable and

A Full Body Brushing Workout to Prep you for the Season

Train off ice so that you are fitter than what you need when you are on the ice. Listen to Episode 38: Brushing Workout Tips HERE for more info This means that you don’t need to worry about feeling out of breath, or managing your jelly legs during a game. = the following become easier: judging rocks, remembering paths, communicating with the team, throwing consistently, generating & controlling various levels of power, and being an awesome teammate. We’ve all felt this at one