Leah Will

About Leah Will

Leah is a certified fitness instructor, curler, and nursing student at Trent University. Being an athlete for many years, Leah realizes the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle to keep at the top of her game. As a student, Leah strives to find a balance between her studies and her fitness and athletic goals to succeed in both aspects of life. She is a certified personal trainer, as well as a health and fitness enthusiast with a blog and fitness page on Instagram to document her progress, provide insight and knowledge on specific topics, and to inspire others to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Curling Specific Fitness | Leg Power and Drive

If you watch curling at the elite level today, it is not uncommon that you see double runbacks and peels as a staple to most teams. But how do they generate that big weight successfully and consistently you may ask? Power and control, thats how. Being a female who is only 5’3 and around 118 pounds, it can take a lot of strength to generate enough power in my delivery to make those big weight shots. So where does that

The new found fitness in curling

“Is curling a sport?” How many curlers have heard that before? And if you’re not a curler, how many times have you questioned if curling is a sport or not? Well I’m here to tell you that yes it is a sport, and yes we are athletes. It wasn’t too long ago when it was normal for a curler to have a beer in hand and have a cigarette between ends while playing a game. However, times have changed and so