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The Ontario Curling Council is offering a Free Agents Listing Service for Individuals, Teams or Coaches to help get connected.

All listings for athletes age 18 or younger must be made by their legal guardian with only the contact information of the guardian being posted.

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Free Agent NameAge (at time of listing)Birthdate (MM/YY)GenderHometownNumber of Years CurledPreferred PositionLooking to play recreationally or competitivelyWilling to travel to practices or competitions?Competition Age/Division LevelGeneral CommentsContact PersonContact Person RelationshipContact Person emailContact Person Phone Number
Tina Ma1609/03FemaleToronto6AnyCompetitiveYesU18, U21, ProvincialsJulie 639-4510
Gage Mitchener1710/02FemaleSt. Catharines4AnyCompetitiveYesU18(any)I started my curling career at a younger age, attending my local curling club to learn the basics, after 2 years of attending those, I quit in order to tend to other responsibilities

Once I reached the age of 16 I was given the opportunity to join the curling team at my school and re-gain the skill I learned so long ago. For the last 2 years I have been given the position of skip. This year our team was entered into the zone tournament. We managed to finish the tournament as the 2019 schoolgirl zone winners and will be travelling to compete in the Ontario regionals. I’m always willing to learn different positions and skills.
Gage 228-3867
Ally Pendleton1512/04FemaleMeaford9ViceCompetitiveYesU18Julie 373-1085
Carson Kay1304/06MaleBelleville4AnyCompetitiveYesU15Will be 14 yr seeking a competitive U15 boys team. Willing to travel within reason. Have played little rocks, U15 spiels, adult mixed and doubles. Hoping to find a team interested in staying together to grow into slam series etc.Shelley 403-2055
Sarah Farrell1611/03FemaleAlliston8Second, viceCompetitiveYesU18Lisa 896-2899
Yvonne Christie2011/99FemaleOshawa10SkipCompetitiveYesWomen's/U21Yvonne 927-0040
Connor Needham1604/03MaleNew Hamburg6AnyCompetitiveYesu18 men’s, u18 mixedI am looking for a competitive u18 men’s team and mixed team for the 2020-21 season. I have one year left in u18 and want to make it both fun and memorable. My goal is to make provincials and I am willing to put the time and effort necessary to achieve this goal. In the 2019-20 season I was the vice on team Pace out of the KW Granite club but but I am open to becoming a member to other clubs if necessary. I have curled for the past six years, of which four were competitive. I will be attending trillium curling camp this summer.Hank 276-8645
Ryan Lofgren2205/97MaleUxbridge7AnyCompetitiveYesAnyCurled for the last 7 years in a local club and on my highschool team. Was trying to get a team for juniors out of highschool but my town didn’t have any other curlers my age interested in competitive curling. Looking to get back into it now since I’m a lot stronger and can travel for it.Ryan 529-1498
Abbey Parkinson1405/05FemaleToronto9AnyCompetitiveYesU18Played all positions on interclub teams and is currently playing vice on high school team. Able to play any position. Hoping to find team to play in OJCT/Slam events and qualifiers.Gary 578-0728
Jacob Dobson1606/03MaleHaliburton8AnyCompetitiveYesU18/U21I am looking for a U18 and/or U21 team for the 2020/2021 season. In the past, I've been skipping my own U18 team as well as playing lead, vice, and skip for my high school team. I am willing to play any position. I am able to travel for practice. I am looking for a team that plans on competing on the OJCT and Junior Slam Series tours. Darrell 457-6136
Cameron Moores1604/03MaleMississauga10Vice(1) second(2)CompetitiveYesU18 and 526-4017
Brook Parcels1503/04FemalePeterborough5SecondU18 Mixed DoublesShirley Ann 872-2350
Alina Siwy1411/05FemaleOttawa6Skip or ViceCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a competitive team to play the OCJT/Junior Slam Series and other Bonspiels. I have played both as skip and vice on teams in the OYCL and my school team.Christine
Ryenne O’Keefe1607/03FemaleSt. Catharines12Back endCompetitiveYesU18/U21Hi, my name is Ryenne. I have been curling for 12 years. For the past 2 years I’ve skipped competitively. Overall this year we had a successful season, we were group A finalists at the TCA’s, along with other accomplishments. At this point I’m looking for a U18/U21 team to compete with for the 2020/2021 season. Based on my previous experience, I would prefer to play back end, but I’m open to any position. I’m hoping to be apart of a team that’s local enough to practice together frequency, but I’m also open to a team that practices independently and comes together for events.
Im also interested in playing mixed and/or doubles.
Anna O’ 359-7590
Daniela Aucoin1610/03FemaleBrampton10SkipCompetitiveYesU18Experienced back end player but willing to play any position. Winner of the KW Classic, Apollo Slam and NJCT mixed doubles qualifier last season. Willing to travel throughout Ontario for events and practices. Looking for a team that wants to compete at the U18 provincial level for the 2020/21 season.John 999-6703
Enzo DiFilippo5907/ 545-4161
Peter Schneider1508/04MaleBrampton9Back EndCompetitiveYesU18 or Mixed DoublesI am a competitive curler and have played all positions competitively.

I want to participate in Slams and Tour events.

I am willing to work hard with the team and do self practise. Always looking to improve.
Pearl 999-3363
Grace Elliott1610/03FemaleLambton Shores12AnyCompetitiveYesU17/20I’m looking for a competitive team for the 2020-21 season. I’ve been curling competitive for 5 years. This past season, my high school team qualified for ofsaa. I will be attending trillium again this year. Im looking for a team that can work together on and off the ice. I am a strong sweeper and have a good understanding of strategy. I’m a positive and focused player on the ice. If you have similar interests please contact me!!Greg 814-8328
Rebecca Rankin1703/03FemaleOakville9LeadCompetitiveYesU18/21I have been curling for 9 years and played lead on a competitive U18 team last season that made it to the TCA Group A Final. I also played second with my high school team. I am committed to working hard in the off season to prepare for next year. I am willing to travel for practices and competitions and am looking for a team that wants to compete in as many competitions and slams as possible throughout the season.Kim 259-1523
Jarrett Matthews1907/00MaleWaterdown7AnyCompetitiveYesU20/21 MensLooking for a potential U20 team. Currently play at Mohawk College and have played all positions.Jarrett 880-4323
Nolan Ballantyne1806/01MaleOwen Sound12second or viceCompetitiveYes U20/21I have curled competitively for 5 years at slams, tour events, play downs and attended trillium for 5 years & Fussen for 1. I am willing to travel for practices and games and look forward to joining a team committed to getting better and going to provincials.Nolan 377-3845
Emily Middaugh1709/02FemaleVictoria Harbour9Vice or skip, but am flexibleCompetitiveYesU18 preferred, willing to play U21I'm looking for a highly competitive U18 or U21 team that has goals to make and compete successfully at multiple events a month and provincials.Sherry 528-3440
Evan Running2001/00MaleColdwater11Lead, Second, ViceCompetitiveYesU20, MensLooking for a competitive u20 or men’s team for next season. I’ve curled for 11 years and been on the competitive circuit for 7years. I am willing to travel for practices and events. If you need to get a hold of me you can call or text me at 705-241-0397 or email me at 241-0397
Matthew Mayede2101/99MaleParry Sound12AnyCompetitiveYesMensLooking for a competitive mens team for the 2020/2021 season. I have had some experience playing competitively throughout the years and am very willing and excited to get more into it. I also play on a university varsity team. I have played all positions and am willing to play whichever is needed. I am originally from Parry Sound but reside in Peterborough during the school year. Willing to travel for 773-8499
Isaac Racz1507/04MaleBurlington9ViceCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a competitive U18 men’s team. I have been playing competitively for 3 years. My previous team made provincials this year and I skipped my high school curling team to make OFSAA this yearNicole 335-9497
Matthew Murray1611/03MaleGrimsby10Second or ViceCompetitiveYesU18I have been curling for the past 10 years, the past 2 years competitively. I am looking for a U18 competitive team that wants to compete as often as possible and have practices on a regular basis.Laura 309-6564
Megan McIntosh1710/02FemaleGrimsby6Lead, Second or ViceCompetitiveYesU18Looking for a competitive, cohesive U18 team that has a goal of competing at multiple events including provincials.Larry 981-0556
Nicole Harris1608/03FemaleOakville7Second or ViceCompetitiveYesU18Looking for two players with competitive experience looking to play U18. One skip for sure. Wanting to play in various competitive events throughout the season, including TCAs, qualifiers, various slams, etc. Players can be from different locations.Kelly 726-8359
Jonah Aldom1601/04MaleBancroft8Vice CompetitiveYesU18
I am looking to join a U18 team for the 2020/21 Season. I have been curling for 8 years at the recreational level and 2 of those years on a competitive U18 team. In 2018 I skipped my team to win the Pintys Elementary School Championship. I have won many other bonspiels with my team across Ontario. I am willing to travel to play and practice.
Matthew 455-9270
Wyatt Savage1610/03MaleAurora10Skip/ViceCompetitiveYesU18Im looking for a mixed/mixed doubles team for the 2020/2021 season. Please text me if interested.Brad 552-2502
Sarah Leung1405/05FemaleAjax9Lead, 2nd or viceCompetitiveYesU18Have played competitively in OJCT and Slam events with Team Barta. Qualified for Mixed u18 Provincials this year with team Langworth. I have experienced play in all positions and am open to travel for practices.
Hazel Barta1610/03FemaleOshawa11skip/viceCompetitiveYesU18Skipped team Barta 2018-2020
Qualified for mixed provincials with Team Langworth -2020
Won LOSSA in 2017/2020 with high school team
Competed in U18 provincial qualifiers as well as a number of OJCT and Slam events. Looking for two competitive curlers wanting to compete in multiple events during the season.
Kelly 404-4878
Will Savage1406/05MaleAurora6front endCompetitiveYesU18I've played in multiple provincial spiels in u15 (runner-up in 2016), as well as 3 years of interclub. In addition to that, I spared as a second at the Stu Sells u18 bonspiel in 2019 for team Savage.

I previously played rep hockey and it prevented me from playing curling as much as I would've liked to, but I am no longer committed to hockey, so I am available a lot more.

I'm looking to play more seriously/competitively in u18 and have serious goals.

I hope to play in many tour events, including provincial qualifiers and I'm open to filling any spot needed on a team.
Lisa 223-0021
Ryan Fraser1709/02MaleSturgeon Falls7Skip,vice,second or leadCompetitiveYesU21I am a young club curler who is looking to play competitive curling since I think I have the skills to do it at any position. I have played in my club's men's competitive league for 5 years at all the positions.Dean 358-8052
Erin Titkai1904/00FemaleToronto13Skip or viceCompetitiveYes U21I've played on many competitive teams in the past, both womens and mixed, playing up to the provincial level. Currently I am in the curling program at Ryerson University as well.
If you want to contact me, the best way would be on instagram @erintitkai
Kathy Wall5206/67FemaleSt. Catharines30+Vice/have played allCompetitiveYesSenior WomenHave played in Senior qualifiers in the past, would love to again! 328-0245
Ryan Fraser1709/02MaleNorth Bay7Have played allCompetitiveMaybeU21Looking for a competitive team to join for next year and could fit at any positionRyan 358-8052
Cedar Kennedy1803/02MaleClarksville6Was skip, down for anyCompetitiveYesU21I skipped my u18 team for the past 2 years. This past season we qualified for USA nationals but it was unfortunately cancelled due to covid19. I enjoy skip but am happy to play anywhere I'm needed.Cedar 805-7581
Chelsea Flynn1606/03FemaleHaliburton6ViceCompetitiveYesAnyWill be willing to work with team mates farther
Kielen Scrimgeour1703/03FemaleMississauga6-7SkipCompetitiveMaybeU18
Enthusiastic curler looking for a U18 Womens team for the 2020-21 season. I am looking to play in Provincials, Slams and OJCT circuit. I went to OFSAA in 2018-19 and have competed in U18 for three seasons (Team Kay/Jefferson and Team Scrimgeour). I attended Trillium camp for three years. Phone Number listed is my home number, my mother's cell number is 416 435-9785
Alternate email is
Donna 278-9261
Christopher Pratt1903/01MaleOttawa8AnyCompetitiveYesU21, Mixed DoublesCompetitive curler moving from Calgary, AB to Ottawa for university. Looking for a Mixed Doubles partner and/or U21 competitive team to play on.

Qualified for Alberta Mixed Doubles Provincials in 2018-2019 (placed 5th overall) and 2019-2020. 2018 and 2019 Alberta High School Provincial Curling Bronze Medallist and Calgary City Champ. Curled 3-6 times/week during the 2019/2020 curling season. 429-7275
Brooke Parker-St.Arneault1602/04FemaleGuelph9 (2 competitively)SkipCompetitiveMaybeU-18, U-21I am a super enthusiastic curler looking for other girls who want to play on a very competitive level, playing in things like Slams and Qualifiers. I have won Gore in my Zone Twice, and placed third in Qualifiers, I only skip and am looking for a Team willing to play out of The Guelph Curling Club (I have a certified coach).Terri
Christian Repmann2410/95MaleLeamington13AnyCompetitiveYesMen'sMyself and my longtime teammate, Brian Westfall (23 y/o), are looking to return to playing competitive curling and play some events on the OCT. We curled on the OJCT circuit as skip and vice for several years and are looking to join a team for men's play for the 2020/21. We are flexible with positions and are willing to travel within reason.Christian 759-5110
Katelin Langford1506/05FemalePeterborough9AnyCompetitiveYesU18/U21My name is Katelin. I have been curling for 9 years and have been playing in spiels for 5. I am not looking for a new team since I still currently skipping my own team, but I am putting myself on this list for new opportunities to curl with new people, to get to know the curling community, and go to more competitions. My family and I are willing to travel great distances for competitions and spiels. My schedule is me curling 5 days a week plus spiels I go to with my team, but if I have no spiels or competitions planned I will be happy to spare. In the 2019-2020 season my team made it to the semi finals of the Ontario Provincial qualifiers in Gravenhurst, and I have been to multiple spiels last season and have placed in all but 1. I will spare for an all girls team or a mixed team.Jeff 750-8273
Justin Erickson2207/98MaleMississauga10Second / ViceCompetitiveYesMens
Long-time curler, formerly competitive until injuries and schooling got in the way. Recently rejoined the sport recreationally but looking to get back into competition

Willing to travel throughout GTA and Southwestern ON with a competitive and dedicated men's team. 301-1570

Teams Looking for Players or Coaches

Contact Person for TeamOur team is seeking (Lead, Second, Third, Skip, Coach)We are looking for a (M/F)Competition Competition Age/DisciplineCompetitive/Recreational?Describe what your team is looking for?Email of Team Contact PersonPhone Number of Team Contact Person
Korrine AcresLead
FemaleU18CompetitiveTeam Acres is looking for 2 team members to play a full competitive U18 schedule next year. The girls are planning to play in as many OJCT events as possible including competitive bonspiels and provincial qualifiers. We are looking for a teammate in the Ottawa area who can be an asset to the team with the goal of being competitive at the provincial 612-5981
Rick CollinsLead
MaleU18CompetitiveTeam Collins is an Ottawa-based team, doing Slams and competitive play downs. We practice weekly, and play in Rideau Cash League.

We are looking for one player. Fit with the team and position will be determined by ability and personality. If we add an out-of-town player, we expect them to practice and play weekly.

Our goal is a competitive run at U18 and U21 provincials in 20/21 season. We start practicing when ice is available in Mid-August 850-6833
Steve AcornLead
FemaleU18CompetitiveTeam Costello is looking for a competitive female U18 player, front end preferred. The team is based out of Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury Ontario.

The team's goal of the season is to make U18 provincials, along with playing competitive events leading up to it.
Abby DescheneSecond
FemaleU21CompetitiveTeam Deschene is looking for a competitive female U20 player to complete our team for the 2020-21 season based out of Sudbury, Northern Ontario. The team's goal is to have a successful run at the U20/21 Northern Ontario provincial.

Thus far, the team consists of Jessica Leonard, Lauren Rajala and Abby Deschene. We are looking to play ladies and U21 events throughout the season.

Note: To compete in the Northern Ontario U20/21 provincial, all players must be residents of Northern Ontario. If you are interested in playing with us, you must live in, or be willing to move to Northern Ontario. Preference will be given to someone located in Sudbury. 822-6423
Wyatt SavageLeadMaleU18CompetitiveWe are looking for a lead that has many years experience and at least 2-3 u18 competitive experience who is committed and hard-working. We will be playing in many tour events such as Stu Sells, Rocktoberfest, Playdowns, and TCA’s assuming the timing and schedule works out. We also hope to play in a couple slams.

If interested, please reach out to me via instagram @_wyattsavage or text me. 552-2502
Dave HardwickThirdFemaleU18CompetitiveTeam O'Keefe is looking for a vice to complete our team for the upcoming season. We intend on playing in as many U18 Slam Series, OJCT, and Cashspiels for a full competitive schedule. We also plan on making a Provincial run, so OCA events will be included as well. If you are interested in playing a full season, feel free to give us a call! 331-4644
Laura MurrayLead
MaleU18CompetitiveOur U18 competitive team is looking for a lead and skip to join our Southern Ontario based team. Dominic Holowinski, Matthew Murray and coach Angela Cerantola are planning to practice regularly most likely on weekends and we plan on competing with a full schedule including qualifiers and some Slam events which could include travel. Dominic and Matt have competitive experience and have a goal to make provincials. We are hoping to have two teammates join us with some competitive experience who are willing to work hard with a focus on team first and building a strong communication 971-2661
Loris ElliottCoachU20CompetitiveTeam Lyon is looking for a coach for the upcoming, 2020-21 season.the team is based out of northern ontario. Two players are in Sudbury and two are in Sault Ste Marie. The team is look for a coach who is willing to help us develop as a team, knows strategy, and is knowledgable technically. Must process a competition coach 886-2454
Ruth McGauleyLead
FemaleU18CompetitiveEmma and Charlotte have played together competitively for 2 seasons in U15 and would like to continue as a team this season in U18. They have curled for 4-5 seasons (2 competitively) and are looking for a competitive-minded skip and a front-end player to join their team this season. They envision entering competions 1 or 2 times per month, with a mix of bonspiels and junior tour events (slams/OJCT) as well as the OCA U18 Regional Qualifier. They are both serious about improving their game-play, strategy and on-ice skills. They are focused on finding like-minded girls that enjoy the game and want to play to the best of their abilities. They would like to curl out of the Ayr Curling Club. This past season, they practiced on Tuesdays and played in a 6-end league on Thursdays; they would like to do that again this season, depending on player

Coaches Looking for Teams

First NameLast NameGenderHometownNumber of Years CoachingHighest Level of Coach NCCP TrainingRecreational or Competitive Team?Willing to travel to practices and Competitions?Desired Competition Age Division/LevelCoach EmailCoach PhoneGeneral Comments
Martin CavanaghMaleCornwall20+ChPC 632-5333Seeking both male/female athletes for multiple competitive teams within an comprehensive development program. All development is conducted with certified coaches using empirical evidenced based and safe coaching practices.