Curling Resources

In late 2015, the Ontario Curling Council assumed responsibility for the Golden Hawks High Performance Centre, which was based at the Kitchener-Waterloo Granite Club in Waterloo, Ontario. Much of the content featured in this section can be attributed to the efforts of the coaches associated with the Golden Hawks High Performance Centre, notably Gary Crossley, Glenn Paulley, and Maurice Wilson, all of whom now play important roles within the coaching staff of the Ontario Curling Council.

Many aspects of the game – from technical training, strategy, team dynamics, opportunities within the sport, and so on – have been addressed by the Golden Hawks High Performance Centre over the years. Their work has been archived here so that it may remain accessible to the curling public.

The Ontario Curling Council is committed to sharing information with curlers of all ages, stages and abilities, coaches, program administrators and clubs.  Wherever possible, the OCC will share information from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through insightful articles and syndication of curling contributors.  We look forward to continuing to educate curlers, coaches, and clubs about curling best practices and ways to improve both on and off the ice.

We welcome suggestions for articles and we actively seek contributions from the curling community to advance the practice of coaching in the sport of curling.