Rules of Play


The Ontario Curling Council and its member associations, the Ontario Curling Association and the Northern Ontario Curling Association, enforce Curling Canada’s Rules of General Play and the Rules of Officiated Play at all OCC, OCA and NOCA sanctioned events.

Rules for General Play

Rules for Officiated Play are not posted online, but are available for purchase from Curling Canada.

Please note:  Special Event rules may exist and are outlined in either:

1)  Rules Supplements (Ontario Curling Association)

2)  Competitor’s Guides (Northern Ontario Curling Association)

2016-2017 Moratorium on Brush Head Technology

New regulations covering brush-head technology and sweeping technique for play at World Curling Federation events were approved in September 2016 at the WCF’s Annual General Assembly in Stockholm, Sweden.

The new regulations came about as a result of research conducted jointly by the National Research Council of Canada and the WCF, with contributions from Curling Canada, during the first Sweeping Summit, held in May 2016 Kemptville, Ont.

With the new WCF regulations in place, Curling Canada has introduced a revised Moratorium that will cover brush-heads and sweeping for Curling Canada events, and playdowns that lead to Curling Canada events. This Moratorium is now in place and part of the official rules. You can find the details in the Official Rules of Curling.

The most notable change is that a standardized fabric (material, weave, coating and colour) have been adopted for use in all championship events. As well, new guidelines have been adopted that cover use of target and sweeping brooms, as well as sweeping technique — all the result of the extensive research and testing done in Kemptville.

You can read a summary of the Sweeping Summit findings by CLICKING HERE.

You can read the World Curling Federation news release HERE. Additionally, CLICK HERE to read the WCF’s position on equipment used for recreational and/or domestic curling.

Ontario Curling Council Position Statement

For events operated directly by the Ontario Curling Council (Ontario Winter Games, Canada Winter Games Qualifiers, ParaSport Winter Games and any regional events leading up to the provincial events), WCF/Curling Canada guidelines will be followed.