Your Holiday Curling Reset

Don’t worry about the time off from curling. Here’s what to do.

You don’t get stronger while working out, nor while practicing or competing. You get stronger when you give your body time to adapt to the stressors that you apply to it; whether in the gym or on the ice.

If you play in a weekly league, a week or two off from curling will give your mind and body a chance to recover from the many games and practices since your season started. For those on the competitive circuit, regardless of what competition you have scheduled after the holidays you will benefit from some time away from the ice both physically and mentally.

Here are four ways to reframe the holiday season when your club is closed, so you can come back stronger and feeling refreshed.

I give you 4 tips, read them HERE

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Stephanie Thompson is a former student-athlete at Western University and is a certified Kinesiologist who plays on the WCT Women's tour.  This article, Your Holiday Curling Reset was originally published on on her blog, Empowered Performance, and is re-published here with permission.

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