OCC Seeks HP Team Members for Committee Work

Terms of Reference

The Ontario Curling Council (OCC), the Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA), and the Ontario Curling Association (OCA) are excited about the launch of an Ontario-wide high performance (HP) program which will be administered by the Ontario Curling Council.  This program will be operational for the 2015-2016 curling season.

The Ontario Curling Council will be forming a High Performance (HP Team) to act as advisors in the creation and implementation of this program.  The team will consist of the OCC’s Manager, Programs and Operations, the Executive Directors of the OCA and the NOCA and 4-6 others who will be selected by the Ontario Curling Council.

The Ontario Curling Council is seeking team members with specific attributes, experience and skill sets.  These may include but are not limited to:

  • Experience as a High Performance Coach
  • Experience as a High Performance Athlete
  • Para Experience (Athlete or Coach)
  • Experience working in a Daily Training Environment/High Performance Centre
  • Experience developing coaches
  • Experience as an Integrated Support Team Professional
  • Experience working with Curling Canada’s National Team Program, the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO), CIS/CCAA or the Coaching Association of Canada/Coaches Canada, are an asset

Team members must be:

  • Athlete focused
  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Budget Conscious
  • Accountable

Please note – regional representation will be a consideration in the OCC’s selection process.


The High Performance Team will be responsible for implementing the OCC’s High Performance Management Plan by creating an accessible (geographically/physically/financially), sustainable, relevant and practical program.  Tasks will include:

  • Creating and implementing Talent Identification Protocols for athlete selection/entry into the program
  • Developing program curriculum to ensure continuum of messaging throughout Curling Canada’s Podium Pathway
  • Assisting with recruitment and training of regional HP coaches
  • Advising OCC on HP Program Policies
  • Advising on Quest for Gold Criteria and Team Ontario Development Grant Usage
  • Assisting with “running” training camps
  • Developing a fee-for service structure
  • Working directly with athletes and coaches


While the program is in its planning stages, we are anticipating bi-weekly meetings (by webinar) with a minimum of one face-to-face meeting annually.

As the program becomes established, meeting frequency will likely be reduced to monthly.

Training camps, direct coaching opportunities will be scheduled well in advance or at a mutually agreeable time.

The term of the work period will be one year, with an option to continue services being mutually agreed on by both the team member and the OCC.

Participation on the HP team at this time is voluntary, however, the OCC is applying for some grants and anticipate being able to compensate team members on a fee-for-service basis or by honorariums.


Deadline to put your name forth for HP Team consideration is May 15, 2015.  Selections will be made by May 22, 2015.  Expression of interest may be accompanied by a resume.

For more information please contact:

Jennifer Ferris

Manager, Programs & Operations



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