Coaching certification renewals effective January 1, 2014

The Canadian Curling Association has announced the re-certification requirements for Competition-Introduction and Competition-Development coaches. In a nutshell, coaches must accumulate 20 or 30 “points”, respectively, in each five-year period following the year in which they first become a certified coach in order to remain certified within the sport.

A range of options to accumulate the necessary points are enumerated on the CCA website. Coaching a competitive team does earn a coach points each year, but only a maximum of five points from coaching can be used for re-certification. Other coaching activities, such as coaching at a curling camp, earns additional points, as to additional NCCP course offerings. The CCA outlines the following coaching activities as relevant for points accumulation:

  • Active coaching within curling (maximum of 5 points)
  • Participant in a wheelchair curling coach PD workshop
  • Participant in a Canada Winter Games PD workshop
  • Curling-specific coach symposiums/workshops
  • Coach of a team attending a high performance camp
  • Coach of a team attending a Canada Winter Games camp
  • Coach of a team attending a National Team Program camp
  • Facilitator coach at a junior curling camp
  • Facilitator coach at an adult curling camp
  • Facilitator coach at a high performance camp
  • Facilitator coach at National Team Program camp
  • Instructor – curling clinic (any topic)

It is likely that within Ontario additional, specific opportunities will be listed as eligible. In the interim, it is important that every certified coach accurately and completely document the entirety of their coaching activities going forward, so that the maximum number of eligible points can be assigned to their coaching work at the end of each five-year period.

Note that a coach has the option of going through a re-evaluation process at their specific level in order to re-certify and maintain their accreditation.

You can find a related announcement from the Ontario Curling Association on the OCA website.

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