Curling Coach application for Android devices

Back in December 2011 I posted an article that briefly described three iPhone applications for curling, including Jeff Rogers’ Curling Strategy Tool which is an application I use regularly. To my knowledge a scoring/strategy tool like Jeff’s isn’t available for Java Blackberry devices, and a full-featured application hasn’t been available for the Android platform either – until now.

Marc Bernard, a coach at Wilfrid Laurier University, has developed a scoring/strategy application for Android smartphones called Curling Coach, which is now available on Google Play.


The Curling Coach application combines a complete game scoring scoring display with a strategy tool that includes diagramming annotations.

Curling Coach tracks and reports shooting percentages, game scores and efficiencies (hammer, force, steal and steal defence). Shooting percentages are listed for hits and draws, in-turns and out-turns. Game summaries can be shared using Twitter, Facebook, or any other sharing application installed on your device. A game is recorded shot-by-shot; shots are scored out of four with a possible bonus point, and are tagged by player, turn, call (guard, draw, or hit) along with weight. A shot’s called weight and actual weight can be recorded separately.

Similar to the functionality provided by Jeff Roger’s tool on the iPhone platform, with Curling Coach the user/coach has the ability to sketch the scenario for a shot on-screen, and can annotate the diagram with freehand markings using a “pencil” tool. Curling Coach takes this functionality one step further, however, and permits the coach to tie the diagram to a specific shot as captured by the application, simplifying post-game analysis tremendously. As with game summaries, scenarios can also be shared using social media or email, and are exported as PNG files.

A trial version of Curling Coach is available for free on Google Play, whereas the full version is available for $19.99. Curling Coach runs on any Android 4.0+ device, and has been tested extensively on two different physical devices: a Motorola Xoom tablet running 4.0.3, and a Samsung Galaxy S3 running 4.1.1, along with an Android smartphone simulator running 4.2.2. A version of Curling Coach that runs on Q10 and Z10 Blackberry models may be supported in the future.

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